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Spill King Absorbent

What Is Spill King Absorbent ?

Get To Know Your Absorbent

When it comes to industrial & Commercial Spill Containment, Spill King Absorbent is your one source, multiple solution application. The technology behind this innovative product is simple. When applied, Spill King encapsulates the spill, removing any danger of environmentally hazardous waste. This encapsulation process creates the opportunity for businesses to save money due to Spill Kings increased absorbent capacity, while allowing the optimal vehicle for regulatory disposal. With the use of Spill King, now your hazardous spills can be disposed of SAFER and CHEAPER!  The applications for Spill King are endless. If you wish to inquire about new potential applications, please Contact Us today.

The work leader in the cart shop was amazed how fast, and how much the absorbent picked up on some oil spills. We are very satisfied with Spill Kings product, and will purchase again. Thanks

Phil WUnited States Air Force Material Command
GSA Contract Holder
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Government Buyers can now purchase Spill King Absorbent through the GSA Advantage portal. Click the link below and type in ``Spill King Absorbent`` into the search bar.
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For product specific information, please download our SDS Form.
The Safety Data Sheet is identifies any potential hazards (health, fire, reactivity and environmental) that may occur while using our product and how to work safely to avoid them.
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All Natural
Environmentally Safe and Friendly, Leaves little or no residue
We source natural minerals from the earth and place each blend through our proprietary cleansing process to produce this super absorbent. It is EPA approved and OSHA compliant.
Save Money & Time
Encapsulation technology that out performs Clay & Sand 15 to 1
Spill King Absorbent is the most cost effective spill absorbent on the market. It absorbs 15 Times more than clay products. The decrease in product weight helps speed up the cleaning process and also decreases the costs associated with disposal.
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