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Plaguing productivity and workplace hygiene, spills are an inevitable challenge that continue to haunt kingdoms of all kinds. Forged from a family line of innovators, the Spill King represents generations of royal spillers who have joined forces and set out to master the safest, most efficient, and most cost-effective spill clean-up methods known to man. With the help of science and technology, the Spill King has mastered a Top-Secret Formula and created the Liquid Spill Remover – the most efficient way to absorb spills in the 21st century.

oil absorbent powder

Like intruders, rebels, and traitors to any kingdom, spills must be promptly dealt with as they threaten the peace and challenge the reign of any kingdom. Whether your kingdom is at home, or in the workplace, the Spill King is here to help you conquer your spills.

Spill King’s Liquid Spill Remover is quick and easy to use, absorbing instantly, and ideal for cleaning spills of any size or viscosity, leaving little to no residue behind – serving justice every time. Use less product and less effort, cut down costs, and still be sure of the best results.

Our Liquid Spill Remover is non-toxic, safe, and in total compliance with global health and environmental safety standards. It is lightweight, eco-friendly, odorless, non-flammable, and harmless to humans and animals, and in keeping with EPA and OSHA requirements.

For close to three decades, we have built a reputation for value and practicality. The Spill King has traveled all over the world to fight spills of all kinds and undisputedly has proven to be the #1 All-Purpose Granular Absorbent on the market.

Our production teams work tirelessly to guarantee quality and ensure that the Liquid Spill Remover remains your best response to spills of any type or size and a must-have part of your clean-up toolkit. The Spill King continues to experiment with new and better options for all spill situations. If you find yourself spilling harder, the Spill King is here to help you smarter. For more information on our products and packaging options, visit our products page, or apply to become a partner today!

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