Spill King
Conquering Spills Since 1994

The liquid spill remover


Conquering Spills Since 1994

  • Soaks Up Spills Instantly
  • Made in The USA
  • All-Purpose
  • Slip Resistant


Got spills ? Get Spill King!

Conquering spills since 1994, the Spill King sits atop the granular absorbent throne where we have been mastering our Top Secret Formula for generations. Instantly soak up your liquid spills with the Spill King’s Liquid Spill Remover and watch your spills disappear- leaving your workplace clean, dry and safe from slip & fall accidents.

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Big Bag Box

$69 Subscription / $84 One-time

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$79 Subscription / $94 One-time

Pouch Box

$89 Subscription / $104 One-time

Top Secret

Spill King Benefits 

Get instant, hassle-free results with real-time absorption. There’s no need to come back later. Just activate the King and watch him conquer your spill right before your eyes, no matter its size. Simply spread the powder over the spill, watch the spill disappear, and then sweep up for disposal. Spill King’s Liquid Spill Remover is so versatile that this is the only absorbent you’ll need for every liquid spill, no matter how tough, at home or for industrial use. The Remover is also a must-have for large vehicles that are prone to spills, including school buses, trains, RVs, trucks, and construction vehicles.

The term “less is more” couldn’t be more accurate than with Spill King. Cut your clay or kitty litter usage. Use less absorbent to get better results, no matter the viscosity of the spill. The Liquid Spill Remover is the easiest, fastest, and most economical way to clean up spills. Not only will your costs go down, but you’ll also be significantly cutting down on your dedicated storage space by the same measure.

Our non-leaching formula continuously soaks up liquids even after your clean-up is completed, eliminating the liability of leakage and binding the spill until final disposal. Disposal is also a lot easier and less expensive to deal with when you have less absorbent to dispose of. Also, rest assured that the Liquid Spill Remover is consistent with EPA and OSHA standards and requirements. The Spill King truly reigns supreme.

Spill King’s Liquid Spill Remover granules go deep into hard-to-reach crevasses and pore surfaces to ensure maximum liquid extraction, resulting in dryer surfaces to best avoid slip and fall accidents and the need for secondary clean-ups. Yes, clay and kitty litter can help you absorb spills, but the difference is evident at the end when you consider the amount of residue they leave, not effectively dealing with the hazard of potential slips. With Spill King, you don’t have to worry about secondary cleaning afterward.

The Liquid Spill Remover’s lightweight design gives you the advantage of portability as well as speed and precision when cleaning your spills. Avoid over-usage with its resealable packaging, and get more out of every purchase. The Spill Remover not only effectively absorbs your spills but also takes the stress out of the entire process. What a load off!
Spills are dangerous enough as is; the last thing you want to do is breathe in cancerous carcinogens from traditional clay absorbent during clean-up. Spill King’s eco-friendly formula is not only an all-natural absorber, but it is also non-carcinogenic and non-toxic. So you are safe, and so is the environment and everyone around you. We’re talking 100% organic, dust-free, non-abrasive, non-reactive, and safe for people, pets, and the planet.


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Spill King is rated 5 out of 5.0 stars based on 17 review(s).


This is a Fantastic Product!! Excellent absorption and very easy to clean up!! It's perfect for a DIY Hot Rodder, like me, in my garage or a large or small automotive Shop.

- Gary Binge


Spill King has been a great company to work with! The team is very responsive & helpful!

- Katelyn


Game changer for our absorbent needs in our plant. With past products, we would have gone through 3 x the amount that we use with Spill King. No comparison. Get the sample and you'll be a customer in no time.

- Steve Wilder


I use Spill King for my home and my business and it is by far the best product I have ever purchased. It's amazing to me how more people have not discovered it yet!

- Troy


There customer service is outstanding. And the company is very accommodating to your needs.

- Marvin


Very quick response time , good communication, great product

- Elmer


Great Stuff, Asborbs liquids and their fumes!!

- Norris


Excellent to deal with.

- John


We have had great success with this product. Our customers are very pleased with how well works and have become loyal to it and us. The customer service we have received is always excellent! We made the right choice.

- Doreen


We have a lot of oil leaks in our plant because they don't get fixed fast enough, Spill King absorbent works as good as any brand that I have ever worked with in my trade.

- Mark Dyer


Love this brand. My towing company stocks the King on our trucks instead of kitty litter - it’s more absorbent which saves us margin on our jobs and reordering is easy with their system. Their commercials are funny!

- Bryan


This product is nothing short of magic! It’s easy to use, cost effective, and get the job done. Stop wasting expensive paper towels and get with the King!

- Matt


Great company and great customer service. Educated and friendly professionals. Such a great product

- Kim


Great product. Name says it all. Recommended to family and friends.

- Anthony


Spill king is a game changer for around the house! The perpetual waste of paper towels has come to an end when larger spills happen. Quick and easy too.

- Will


Spill King is a must for every home & business! I purchased Spill King for my own home after seeing the product work in action! As a realtor, on occasion, I walk into some dirty messes..The Spill King product is easily sprinkled over the areas and within seconds, it absorbs the problematic mess.. then quickly swept up with a broom, just in time for my open house event! This product works wonders and is stress free especially when you’re in a hurry! I now purchase SpillKing as closing gifts for all my clients.. every home and business should have Spill King on deck for when the spills DO happen!

- Nicole


Amazing product. These guys are the definition of professional.

- Ricky